Restoring The Withered Soul (Softcover)
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How great is your salvation? Does your salvation infiltrate everyday facets of your life? This book will expose the journey and will examine the pathway to restoration. With an emphasis on practical application, this book will walk you through the "how" of restoring the soul. If you have ever wondered about the abundant life Jesus promised, then this is the book for you. Book length: 140 pages.


"Shane's communciation of truths in the Bible is unique and revelatory. His teachings reach to the deep levels and dimensions of our soul. The teaching in this book will give you the resources you need to live out of who you really are."
--Pastor Clark Taylor

"Being a health care professional, I witness the need for physical and emotional health on a daily basis. This book approaches the subject of soul health in a fresh and relevant way in order to bring ultimate inner healing and peace of mind."
--Laurie A. Kearse, MD

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